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Nuno Coração
Nuno Coração
Staff Product Manager @ Docker

I’ve been building and shipping products across multiple roles and industries, from video streaming applications to API platforms. As a product person, my main goal is to understand my users and their specific needs, in order to deliver a product that truly improves their lives.

I’ve worked for several years in big companies and recently decided to trade that for the opportunity of working in smaller teams. Definitely prefer the latter where one can succeed/fail faster, learn faster, and overall have a way bigger impact.

Currently, I am focused on improving the lives of developers worldwide. I’m trying to write more about my previous experiences / random thoughts and would love to gather your feedback on it. I also love to dedicate my time to helping and mentoring other PMs or people that want to get into product.


Recently I’ve also joined AWS Loft to help Startups and their founders with their product strategy.

Feel free to reach out.