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Nuno Coração
Nuno Coração
Principal Product Manager @ Docker

With over ten years of experience in product management, I have built and launched products across multiple domains and industries, from video streaming and eSIM connectivity to developer tools used by millions of users daily. I have a passion for understanding user needs, delivering value, and solving complex problems with innovative solutions.

Currently, I am a principal product manager at Docker, where I focus on improving the lives of developers worldwide. I work closely with engineering teams, business stakeholders, and senior management to define and execute the product vision and strategy. I mentor other PMs, or people that want to get into Product and help them with my experience. Additionally, I am a startup advisor, helping early-stage startups with their product and go-to-market strategies. I enjoy writing and sharing my insights and learnings on product management and development, and I welcome any feedback or discussion on these topics.